Tour Le Brew

We have been working on building the website, running many different ideas past friends, and trusted experts. One of the resounding comments has been "Tour Da Brew doesn't fit" and "It just doesn't sound right."  After trying a few other ideas out on friends and family we are changing to Tour Le Brew.  People think it sounds more articulate and is closer to the image that we want to create for the brand.  Facebook and the website have now been changed to reflect this change.

Pre Ride

Kyle went out and road the route on September 3rd.  The route around Des Moines looks great other than the water over a short section of the Raccoon River Trail was under water.  Kyle scouted a second option for a route around this section of trail.  Unfortunately their aren't many options for a route around the section that was under water.  The alternate route is good but includes a lot more roads and less bike trails.  Check out the route below.