We will park near Confluence Brewing Co.  There is a lot of parking around Gray's Lake and Water Works Park.  Ride your bike over to Confluence to get your wrist band and your first beer.  Check in will be from 11am to 12pm Saturday June 1st

Brewery order

  1. Confluence Brewing

  2. 515

  3. Exile Brewing

  4. Madhouse

Full Route Map

Click here to open PDF of the route maps and cue sheets from each brewery.

Click here to open the PDF of the route maps and cue sheets with full page maps.

We have re-designed our Route maps from last year.  This year we have each segment of the route separated.  


Confluence To 515

We will be starting at Confluence Brewing and riding our first leg to 515 Brewing.




515 to Exile

The second leg of the ride will be from 515 Brewing to Exile.


Exile to madhouse

The third leg of the ride will be from Exile Brewing to Madhouse

For this leg we will continue down M.L.K. Jr Trail, Des Moines River Trail,  John Pat Dorrian Trail, and leave the trail onto Scott Ave. for our only on road portion of the ride.  We will ride two blocks on the road and arrive at Madhouse brewing.


unofficial back to parking lot

The final section that will be signed to help everyone get back to their vehicles will be from Madhouse back to Grays Lake.

Ride back on Scott Ave the way we came,  John Pat Dorrian Trail, and American Discovery Trail/Meredith Trail.  This will end at the first parking lot at Grays Lake.  You may continue around Gray's Lake to the parking lot you parked your vehicle in.